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A Free Monthly Group for Discussion of
the Cultural Complexes Active in Our Lives


Group facilitator: Sarah Shelton, LPC

In the Introduction to his edited collection Cultural Complexes and the Soul of America, Tom Singer writes, "We forge the American soul in our struggle with cultural complexes. In the political arena, cultural complexes seem mostly to generate heat, division, hatred; they are inflammatory and polarizing; they usually end in a stalemate without any resolution, only to recur in the next election or the next generation; sometimes they are ignored or kept unconscious for decades; occasionally they can be worked out slowly in engagement, compromise, reconciliation, and healing after generations of recurring battle. In short, they behave like complexes." He goes on to suggest that the initial task of understanding what we are doing with our cultural complexes is to first ask, "What are our primary cultual complexes?"

I would love to have you join me in reading a selection of articles by contemporary Jungian analysts asking this very question.

We will meet monthly on Sunday afternoons from 3:00-4:30 pm to discuss and respectfully explore how we understand different cultural complexes to be active in our lives and community.


Please contact me if you have interest at or 504-952-2070.

Dream Groups with Jungian Analyst Constance Romero

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"The dream is a little hidden door to the innermost and most secret recesses of the soul, opening into that cosmic night...long before there was any consciousness...A dream that is not understood remains a mere occurrence; understood, it becomes a living experience."                      -C. G. Jung

In New Orleans or Mandeville, come explore your dreams with others in a welcoming environment designed to facilitate a connection to your unconscious life. Dreams fascinate and perplex us with their images and the myriad feelings they evoke in body and soul. As Jung writes, dreams come from a well deep within that connects us to the personal and transpersonal realms. If understood, dreams can enliven us, help us make meaning, and act as guides in our lives. The groups meet
one Sunday afternoon per month from 4-6 pm.

For information, contact Constance Romero at or 985-778-1641.

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