About the New Orleans Jung Society

Following the general thrust of Carl Jung's analytical psychology, the Society presents an interdisciplinary program to foster self-understanding by the individual. Jung's deepest interest was in arriving at insights capable of bringing genuine help to the individual. His theories laid the groundwork for a new understanding of man, the significance of which extends far beyond the boundaries of psychology in the conventional sense.

The goals of the C. G. Jung Society of New Orleans, then, are to offer a forum for the exchange of ideas in the sphere of the humanities, that family of knowledge that deals with what it is to be human, to make value judgements, and to select wiser courses of action. As Jung often stressed, it is within the individual, and not on the level of collective social measures, that the problems of our age must be met and the foundations for a healthy society preserved and strengthened. 

The C. G. Jung Society of New Orleans was founded in 1988. Its founding analyst was Battle Bell III. 

Jung Society Board of Directors

Terence Todd, SJ, President
Michael Barry, Vice-President

Toni Newton, Secretary
Jennie Kasten, Treasurer

Susan Sewell Bell
Alex Davis

Blanche Gray

Duane Page

Sarah Shelton

Irina Sleptsova

Jennifer Standish

Rosanne Tarantolo

Ann Tuley

Susan Welsh

Board Advisor

Deldon Anne McNeely, PhD

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Our mailing address is:

C. G. Jung Society of New Orleans

609 Metairie Road, #171
Metairie LA 70005