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Friday, January 12, 7:30 pm


Presenter: Stephen Foster, PhD, LPC

Jung said that the greatest threat to earth is humanity; that was in the context of the atomic bomb, but it applies to our current relationship to nature as well. With Dr. Foster we will examine the Archetype of Nature in its bipolar qualities of light and shadow. Alchemists, attempting to liberate spirit from matter, developed the concept of Anima Mundi­­—World Soul—which expanded to Ecopsychology in the image of Gaia, or earth as a living organism. The images of this archetype may contain the seeds of transformation needed in these challenging times.
$15, students $10, members free, $10 additional for CE certificate

Dr. Stephen Foster, in addition to holding a PhD in organic chemistry from Imperial College London, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Jungian psychoanalyst, a training analyst with the Boulder Seminar of the Interregional Society of Jungian Analysts and a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis. He practices in Colorado and lectures widely on nature, alchemy and the relationship between Jung and physicist Wolfgang Pauli.


Lecture: Friday, February 23, 7:30 pm
Workshop: Saturday, February 24, 10:00-1:00


Presenter: Eberhard Riedel, PhD, DSCW

Friday Evening Lecture:
Collective Trauma Asks for Collective Healing
C.G. Jung said, “Individuation does not shut one out from the world, but gathers the world to oneself” (CW 8, § 432). We all stand with one foot in a personal and the other in a collective-cultural realm––and social healing requires that we hold both realms in purview. Dr. Riedel will present personal experiences, clinical vignettes, and mytho-poetic amplifications to shine light on the power of deeply ingrained individual and sociocultural memory patterns that can propagate cycles of trauma and violence.
Lecture: $15, students $10, members free, $10 additional for CE certificate

Saturday Morning Workshop:
A Human Ecosystems Approach and Analytical Psychology
Jung observed that the individual is a social being and the human mind is a collective one. With understanding of this synergy between our inner and outer worlds, Dr. Riedel will demonstrate in the Workshop group, a human ecosystems approach to healing the collective trauma relevant to the New Orleans community. After the Saturday Workshop, Dr. Reidel is available to meet with psychotherapists for Case Consultation on working with clients who are struggling with trauma issues located at the interface between the personal and collective realms.
Workshop: $45, students $25, members $35, $10 additional for CE certificate

Dr. Riedel is a Jungian analyst, clinical social worker, photographer, and teacher living in Seattle. His specialty is working with survivors of individual and collective trauma both in the consulting room and through fieldwork in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is the developer of the purposeful action paradigm and the human ecosystems approach.

Friday, March 23, 7:30 pm

Inspiration and Conversation with a Panel of Youth Advocates

Jung calls our attention to the image of The Divine Child as a symbol of hope in the eternal life of consciousness. The child, with intense energy, curiosity, and spontaneity, inspires us to move out of our personal concerns, to look into the future, to protect and sustain all that is life-affirming and truly valuable. Our program this month will feature a panel of representatives from the justice, education and mental health systems of our community to inform and remind us of the essential goodness that we find and hope to nurture in our young.
$15, students $10, members free, $10 additional for CE certificate

-Janelle N. Temple, CSW, Director of Families in Need of Services of Orleans Parish, New Orleans Juvenile Court
-Angelique Shorty-Belisle, MEd, Educare School Director for Educare New Orleans; Adjunct professor, University of Phoenix, Teacher and Supervisor on Early Childhood Development
-Riney Blount, First Responder, City of New Orleans Fire Department; Mentor to the Young in the Community; Practitioner of Earth-Centered Spirituality.
-Denese Shervington, MD, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Tulane University; President of The Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies, Director of the Post-disaster Mental Health Recovery Program and Teenage Pregnancy Program.
-Nicole Boykins, MA, Principal, Lawrence D. Crocker College Prep, A School for the Arts and Technology.

Tuesday, April 10, 7:30 pm

Respecting the Tension of the Opposites

Presenters: Ed Bodker, Biologist, MDiv; Eugene Turner, PhD; David Schoen, LCSW

The relationship between humans and nature is complex, but crucial at this time in our history. Archetypal tensions, positive and negative, are reflected in that relationship, both in the scientific arena and in our personal attitudes. R. Eugene Turner, Professor of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences at LSU, and David Schoen, Jungian Analyst, will join biologist Ed Bodker in exploring the good/comfortable and the bad/frightening in the Human/Nature dynamics as the tensions play out for the future of global existence. This is a unique attempt to look beyond the usual one-sided ecological debates to find unifying concepts.
$15, students $10, members free, $10 additional for CE certificate

Ed Bodker is past-president of the Baton Rouge Jung Society. He is a wetland ecologist and retired program manager for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, and an active advocate for understanding and valuing the integral nature of the human/earth relationship. Eugene Turner is co-chair of INTECOL Wetlands Working Group. He is active in scientific aspects of coastal environmental management, including the hypoxic zone of the Mississippi River, wetland conservation, restoration and management, oil spill research, and climate change. David Schoen is a Jungian Analyst in private practice in Covington.

Tuesday, May 8, 7:30 pm

5th Annual Art and Psyche in New Orleans presentation

An Evening with Guest Artist Margaret Humphris

Join us for the fifth year of Art and Psyche in New Orleans when professional artist Margaret Humphris will present her series of paintings based on the Myth of Avalon. The presentation will be followed by a discussion with Jungian analyst Constance Romero.

The mystery of Avalon conjures up a timeless place of refuge and healing after loss. Inspired by the images of medieval Illuminated manuscripts, the artist’s process takes us through her personal experience and beyond. Hidden like Avalon in the mists of time, the mysterious realm Jung called the Collective Unconscious reveals its healing potential through the sumptuous yet intimate archetypal imagery of this series.
$15, students $10, members free, $10 additional for CE certificate

Margaret Humphris, MFA, LCSW-BACS, CST-T, has exhibited throughout the southern US and New Zealand. She has provided illustrations for several book covers and has had numerous paintings published in the Journal of Sandplay Therapy. Margaret is a long-standing artist member of the Baton Rouge Gallery. Her work is inspired by her dreams, travels and fairy tales and myths throughout the world. She is a Senior Staff member at LSU Mental Health Services.

Constance Romero, LPC, LMFT, is a Jungian Analyst practicing in the greater New Orleans area. She is a Senior Training Analyst with the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts and a core faculty member of the New Orleans Jung Seminar. She lectures in Europe and the US on the inter-face between Depth Psychology and the Arts. Publications include articles in Psychological Perspectives, The International Journal of Jungian Studies and The Journal of Analytical Psychology.

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