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PLEASE NOTE: This program has been rescheduled for Wednesday, September 12 at 7:30


Presenter: Marilyn Marshall, LPC, Jungian Analyst

This presentation will explore the myth of Psyche (the soul) and Eros (the god of desire). Their story takes us on the soul’s journey of sexuality, its instinctual and spiritual development through betrayal, loss, suffering, and discovery. Pleasure, the daughter of Psyche and Eros, is conceived and born as their psychic energy manifests in our imagination and in our experiences as individuals and as a collective as we become more conscious of significance of the sexual instinct in the process of individuation.
$15, students $10, members free, $10 additional for CE certificate

Marilyn Marshall, LPC, is a Jungian Psychoanalyst in private practice in New Orleans. She is a senior training analyst in the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts and the Coordinator of the New Orleans Jungian Seminar, a training seminar for IRSJA. She facilitates dream groups and presents lectures, courses, and workshops on C. G. Jung’s analytical psychology. Her articles A Close-Up of the Kiss and Hurricane Katrina: The Tequila, the Kleenex, and the Ivy were published in Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture, vol. 73, Cinema and Psyche, 2005 and vol. 88, Environmental Disasters and Collective Trauma 2012, respectively.


Presenter: Joseph R. Lee, LCSW, Jungian Analyst

Lecture: Friday, October 12, 7:30 pm
TIKKUN OLAM: Repairing the Brokenness in the World and in Our Souls
The loss of wholeness is an ancient theme that rings through myths and fairytales, religions and politics – and it mobilizes cultures and individuals. Drawing upon the Lurianic cosmology of the breaking of the vessels and Jung’s exploration of the Anima Mundi, we will investigate the psychology of brokenness and seek, as the Kabbalists and Alchemists did, to discover the unredeemed shards of light in ourselves and the current cultural chaos.
Lecture: $15, students $10, members free, $10 additional for CE certificate

Workshop: Saturday, October 13, 10:00-1:00
Encountering the Soul of the World
New ideas can shape and guide our attitudes, which can help the ego orient to new experiences with less resistance, but archetypal images can activate forces in the psyche that facilitate transformation. In this highly experiential workshop, we will use Jung’s powerful method of active imagination to directly engage archetypal images of the Anima Mundi and integrate the experience through poetry, art and storytelling.
Workshop: $45, students $25, members $35, $10 additional for CE certificate

Joseph R. Lee, LCSW, is a Jungian Analyst and licensed clinical social worker in private practice in Virginia Beach. He is president of the Philadelphia Jung Institute and co-creator of This Jungian Life podcast. He lectures extensively on the
Hermetic Kabbalah with a focus on its reinterpretation through modern idioms.

Tuesday, November 6, 7:30 pm

Performance and the Power of the Transcendent Function in Troubled Times

Creative performative expression has long been recognized as having the capability to shift personal and collective ways of thinking and being. This presentation uses photographic images, film clips and musical soundscapes to demonstrate how certain forms of artistic performance engender change in the face of political oppression, terror and numbness. Jung’s conception of the Transcendent Function operating through individuals and groups offers a means of defining and illustrating how the Psyche can heal itself through reflection and creation when under duress.
$15, students $10, members free, $10 additional for CE certificate

Constance Romero, LPC, LMFT, is a Jungian Analyst practicing in the greater New Orleans area. She is a Senior Training Analyst with the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts and a core faculty member of the New Orleans Jung Seminar. She lectures in the US and Europe on the interface between Depth Psychology and the Arts. Publications include articles in Psychological Perspectives, The International Journal of Jungian Studies, and the Journal of Analytical Psychology.

Tuesday, December 4, 6:30 pm


Discussion Leader: Oneal A. Isaac

Jung maintained that in any close relationship, such as that between therapist and patient, both people change. This fairy tale movie illustrates the contrast between meeting the Other, who is different from ourselves, with open curiosity and compassion, versus with fear, hostility and competitiveness. The question applies also to our inner life: how do we relate to the Other in ourselves who differs from what we want to think we are. Do we regard our differences from our ideals with interest and understanding or self-loathing? This program does not provide CE credit hours.
$15, students $10, members free

Discussion Leader Oneal Isaac is president of the Baton Rouge Jung Society. He works in community and professional theater and is a storyteller and playwright. He has appeared in fifteen motion pictures and has narrated two documentaries available at billrodman.com. He has received numerous awards related to the arts. He is a behavioral health patient referral coordinator, case manager, and family services coordinator.

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