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What Is Jungian Analysis?
Jungian analysis is an in-depth exploration of the psyche in a very individual way. Analysis does not operate on the medical model of diagnosis and treatment, and Jungian analysts don’t label in the sense of pathologizing. They don’t aim for cure but for exploration of both the person’s conscious world and inner subjective unconscious world. The goal is greater awareness, greater consciousness through expansion of the personality, both in a wider and deeper way, which allows a person more freedom psychologically and more options in life – more choices in finding what is most true and authentic to the individual. The series below was written by four local Jungian analysts to provide an in-depth look at Jungian analysis.

Jungian Analysts in and beyond New Orleans

New Orleans

Elizabeth Colistra, PhD, LPC
New Orleans
eacolistra@gmail.com | 504-608-0825

Marilyn Marshall, MA, LPC
New Orleans
marilynjmarshall@gmail.com | 504-236-0735

Constance Romero, LPC, LMFT
New Orleans and Mandeville
romeroce4@aol.com | 985-778-1641

North Shore

Deldon Anne McNeely, PhD
Abita Springs
mcneelydeldon@gmail.com | 985-875-7363

Constance Romero, LPC, LMFT
Mandeville and New Orleans
romeroce4@aol.com | 985-778-1641

David E. Schoen, LCSW, MSSW
davidschoen60@yahoo.com | 985-892-9545


Deedy Young, LCSW, MSW
ddyoung100@aol.com | 337-981-9601

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